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Telegram chats

Telegram Scanner Message is a service that allows you to be the first to learn about news before they are published in the media and to profit from insights. Or you can find your clients by searching for keywords from chats. The bot can monitor chats every 4 seconds, and if the queries you need are found, you receive notifications in your Telegram channel.

A convenient service with lead delivery to a separate Telegram channel.

Our client receives an average of 1200 potential clients per month.

Filtering for activity based on keywords.

You'll learn the news before the market starts to fall or rise.

Arbitrage Scanner Message

Service Feature

Our service was initially designed for the cryptocurrency market, as chat discussions often revolve around news and projects. For instance, you could insert a tag like "TWT" and follow discussions related to it, using any sudden activity as a signal to start trading.

However, our service turned out to be equally valuable for advertisers, as it allows them to extract contacts for lead generation from chats based on specific queries. For instance, anything related to the key query "buy ASIC" attracted around 30-70 potential inquiries per day for the client.


ArbitrageScanner Message

Profited on TORN (Tornado Cash) Coin

On May 19th, there was a hack involving the TORN coin that led to unusual activity. This anomalous situation was actively discussed in many chats, where it was reasonably argued that a hack had occurred on DEX exchanges. The evidence pointed towards a hack, and the price was slowly declining. Detecting this anomaly without tracking would have been difficult. By May 22nd, news outlets began reporting the hack, causing the coin's value to plummet multiple times over.

For instance, if you held this coin and had connected to our software,

configuring it for various chats, you would have received notifications with the relevant "keyword" and the author's message,

along with the chat it was written in. You could have studied different perspectives and made decisions regarding asset liquidation. Alternatively, after thorough analysis, you could have entered a short position and potentially earned a substantial amount of money.
Furthermore, you could have configured the Arbitrage Scanner based on this news. If you didn't want to sell the token, you could have exploited significant spreads between exchanges.

Insights from Chats Ahead of Official Announcements: XRP and FTX Example

By configuring the bot correctly for various crypto chats and applying proper filtering, you could have spotted news in these chats a couple of minutes before the official announcement in mainstream media. For instance, when FTX exchange was about to resume operations, setting up the bot right allowed you to buy the coin or go long on the market prior to the official announcement.

Another example involves XRP (Ripple). A few minutes before a court decision was made, messages started circulating that XRP had won the case and was not classified as a security. Even after the official announcement, messages began pouring in confirming XRP's non-security status.

News outlets published these updates with a delay of 5-20 minutes, by which time XRP had surged by almost 15-50%. We've highlighted in red where our clients received information from official sources in the chats, complete with document links.

By connecting the bot, you gain a couple of minutes'

advantage over the mass of traders.

While some are buying, you're already selling. This is where the value of our product lies.

ArbitrageScanner Message

for Business:
Usage Example

For example, if you are a tour operator or rent out cars for tourists, you can connect our bot, join 100 different chats, set up the necessary keywords, and wait for notifications with the relevant keywords, such as "I want to rent a car in Thailand."

You will see the message within 4 seconds of its publication in the chat, and you can immediately recommend your company or send a private message to offer your services.

Handling Negativity or
Project Discussions

For instance, if you or your client are in the home construction or cryptocurrency project business, you can configure chat searches based on keywords or brand-related queries. This allows you to join ongoing discussions, addressing negative feedback or concerns effectively. On the flip side, you can also capitalize on positive discussions to close potential clients for payment or engagement.

The TG History Scanner is a service that allows you to analyze real people's opinions about a project, find potential customers, search for various earning schemes mentioned in chats or channels, and profit from this information.

This scanner works with chat history and can analyze over a million messages in just a few minutes, finding all the necessary information for you. Afterward, it provides the results in the form of an Excel table so that you can process the information in a convenient environment.

Examples of using

If we're talking about the cryptocurrency market, using keywords, you can indeed discover opinions about a project from the past, forecasts made by users, and what was said about the project.

For example, through this method, you could uncover information about the project's founders' questionable past or arguments regarding why the project's economics are not viable.

While you can find information through search engines and YouTube, tracking all the discussions in various chat platforms can be challenging.

When it comes to using the product for advertising purposes, this approach can help you identify individuals who have shown interest in a specific niche, such as wanting to purchase ASICs. This way, for your business, you can generate potential leads and work with them. Alternatively, as an SMM specialist, you can acquire these leads and resell them to businesses.

ArbitrageScanner Message

Traffic Arbitrage

A new and intriguing tool for arbitrageurs and earning profits. Requires minimal investment in the tool itself. If you're a beginner, this is an excellent starting point. You select a niche, negotiate with clients for payment per lead, identify leads using our service, and forward them to the client. We operate in all languages.


You select
a niche,


Negotiate with clients
for payment per lead


Identify leads using
our service


Forward them to
the client

Why do they buy our service?

Cryptocurrency traders

  • Obtain a comprehensive coin analysis and observe people's opinions.
  • Get insights before the market does.
  • Receive information about coins following events that aren't covered by mainstream media or Telegram channels.
  • Useful for futures trading.
  • Monitor discussions about your tokens or niche tokens.


  • Earning opportunity.
  • Advertising agencies for lead generation.
  • Traffic arbitrage.
  • Lead discovery for your business or service.
  • Monitoring and addressing negativity.

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  • Training materials (basics)
  • 24/7 support

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Free of charge when purchasing PRO ArbitrageScanner subscription for the duration of the service
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Free of charge when purchasing Expert ArbitrageScanner subscription for the duration of the service
  • Access to the service for 30 days
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  • Access to a closed community
  • Access to case base
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You can integrate our IT solution into your website if you have an existing product or if you are an advertising agency. By purchasing the WhiteLabel option, we will upload the entire product to your subdomain within a couple of days. You will be able to sell it, keeping 100% of the sales.

For example, if your website is, you can create, where this product will be available with user authentication, direct payment integration, and a complete internal admin panel. You can start selling it under your brand within 3-7 days after purchasing the WhiteLabel option.

We offer several options for selling
a turnkey business.


The first option is when you purchase the technical solution. We fully integrate it into your subdomain, and you can sell it however you like, either as an internal product of your advertising agency or as a section on your DEX exchange. You receive all payments in your wallets, and we handle all technical support. You only pay for the purchase of API limits.


The second option is where you buy a ready-made product, receive technical documentation, and the entire project's code, without the internal admin panel. You can then sell it as you wish or integrate it into your project.


The third option is when you purchase a complete turnkey business. We provide you with all the website code, product code, and set everything up for you. You can install the project on your advertising agency's website or integrate it into your crypto project with a fully functional admin panel. You can customize everything as you like with your development team. This is the best option to quickly launch your business in your country, obtain a fully prepared business model in less than 7 days, and start generating income.

Initial Investments

White Label 7000$

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Turnkey business

A complete copy of the ArbitrageScanner Message product at the time of sale (everything related to cryptocurrency arbitrage)

Access to the maximum tariff plan and its limits

0% commission on sales; you only purchase service limits

Deployment of the project on your domain, ready for operation

You receive ready-made software.
You receive ready-made software, and we also create a landing page and install it on your website with all the necessary packaging.

VIP manager and round-the-clock assistance from our team, including Zoom meetings

Passive income every month from subscription sales

Providing product source code with technical documentation

Personalized service enhancements for the client

Providing educational materials for your staff in various areas: marketing, management, arbitrage, sales training, etc.

Full branding with a landing page included

Providing website source code with technical documentation

Creating a presence on various social media platforms with all technical instructions

Ready-to-use admin panel for website management, including registration, payments, and referral system

What are API limits?

One of the strategies for scaling our IT product is to offer


sales and service. You pay once and receive a ready-to-use dashboard, a user-friendly admin panel, payment system configuration, a website, complete server setup, a starter package of limits for a year, and much more.

Afterward, your maintenance is free. You won't need to maintain expensive in-house developers. Instead, you'll only pay for the service maintenance.

For the first year, you receive the "Basic" plan. This limit package is sufficient to support approximately 100 active users with limits similar to those in ArbitrageScanner. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set limits for user plans yourself.

At the end of the first year, you'll need to renew it separately. However, this is far more cost-effective than maintaining a developer in-house. We have an entire team dedicated to the project and support, while keeping a senior programmer on staff each month can cost around $8,000 or more, not to mention server costs. With us, your expenses will be solely for the limits, ranging from approximately $100 to $300 per month on average.

You only pay for the limits you use.

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  • Available upon request
  • Available upon request
  • Available upon request

Available upon request

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ArbitrageScanner Message useful only in crypto?

No! We've designed this product not just for the crypto space. It's also suitable for business owners, advertisers, and so on. With ArbitrageScanner Message, you can receive hot leads for your business, bring leads to your clients, or work on brand reputation. You can learn about all the ways to use our product from our Telegram support (

What is TG Scanner Live?

It's the perfect tool for tracking relevant keywords in real-time. Imagine you're a coin holder, and news about your coin is about to come out, and you need to understand whether it will be positive or negative, as it will affect the market's direction, and you need to make a quick decision to buy or sell.

Simply set up the Live scanner for the keywords and chats you're interested in and start getting information before official media publications, and profit from insights!

What is TG Scanner History?

You'll be able to thoroughly analyze people's real opinions about any crypto project, find potential clients, search for various earning schemes mentioned in chats or channels, and profit from this information.

This scanner works with chat history and can analyze more than a million messages in just a few minutes, finding all the necessary information for you. It will then provide the results in an Excel table format so you can process the information in a convenient environment.

What payment methods can I use for the ArbitrageScanner Message subscription?

Various payment methods are available for you, including payment by credit card and cryptocurrency through the CryptoCloud payment system.

I've paid for the subscription, but I haven't received anything.

Such a case is almost impossible, but if it does happen to you, please contact our Telegram support (, and we will promptly resolve your issue.