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Support for all exchanges and existing coins

Advantages of the ArbitrageScanner technology-based cryptoscanner
ArbitrageScanner is a platform with a dozen out-of-the-box products for cryptocurrency arbitrage between exchanges and DEX exchanges as well as blockchains, with which every crypto-investor can analyse the market and make money.
We provide turnkey IT solutions that have been developed by an experienced team of programmers who have been in the crypto and arbitrage market since 2016.
Support for any CEX exchanger (over 1000), not just 10-20 from the list
Our service offers the flexibility to configure your website to support a wide range of exchanges. This allows you and your users to engage in arbitrage with various exchanges, including local exchanges in regions such as South Korea or Turkey.
Support for 30 major blockchains
If the difference between the major exchanges is not very big, the same bitcoin exchange rate differs by a couple of percent on different blockchains. But imagine what about less liquid projects? For example, you or your clients have invested in projects in the Casper ecosystem, the liquidity there is small, there is as much as a 15% difference between CEX exchange and dex on different blockchains.
Selling a high-margin product
This product is one-of-a-kind and enjoys strong sales in the global market. Selling it will be a breeze because it's a ready-made money-making tool, not just an abstract concept. Market spreads are constantly forming, especially on decentralized exchanges (dexes), particularly during periods of significant currency fluctuations.
Quick return on investment
You have the opportunity to engage in arbitrage with your own team and gain access to the highest rates along with unlimited arbitrage possibilities. Furthermore, selling it to your audience or within your area will be effortless, as this tool has stood the test of time as a reliable method for generating income.
You will not work with other people's money
This crucial aspect is what makes our WHITE LABEL offering so appealing. Bridges can fail, dexes can experience issues, liquidity can be compromised, and exchanges can encounter problems. However, with our ready-to-use service, you won't need to invest significant resources in security measures, and you'll never have to worry about hackers stealing funds. Instead, you'll be selling a service that empowers individuals to generate income.
Low server maintenance fees
We allocate more than $100,000 each month for the upkeep of the service, including proxies, servers, and ongoing development of new solutions. By purchasing a license, you benefit from a monthly maintenance cost of $0, as you only pay a 10% share of sales. This payment covers expenses related to servers, proxies, and ensuring the stable operation of the service.
Quick start with ready-made solutions
Within a week, the finalized product will be deployed on your domain. You won't have to assemble a team or invest several months in product development, saving you from spending large sums of money. Instead, you'll receive a ready-made solution with ongoing support, allowing you to start selling in your region right away. Additionally, we can assist you with the initial packaging of the product to facilitate your entry into the mark.
The product runs in the cloud and produces all results in a convenient form
Your clients won't have to download anything, and they can set up tracking or exchange pairs within just 30 seconds.
Monthly passive income
By selling a fully functional bot on a monthly subscription basis, you will generate a consistent passive income every month.
Crypto-arbitrage: market and prospects
Today, there are 50+ blockchains, and by 2027, the number will increase to 700+, thanks to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of national cryptocurrencies.
As large companies continue to establish their own blockchains and businesses increasingly tokenize their assets, the cryptocurrency market is poised for significant growth. Our distinctive solution simplifies the process of connecting any blockchain and exchange, enabling you to swiftly identify spreads across exchanges, even when dealing with a large number of them, such as 5000. With full support, you will have access to these tools.
A good time to enter this market before the upcoming growth
We work with all blockchains and exchanges on the market, making it easy for us to find great spreads. We provide a ready-made tool with technical support for your earnings or to sell to clients.
Cryptocurrency arbitrage between exchanges in plain language
For example, you bought TWT at 0.5$, the token started to rise. Suppose you want to hold it up to $2.6. While the coin is growing, you add it to the bot to track the difference between the exchanges in 1 minute, and you can add and remove any token that is traded on the exchanges at any time.
Then you set up a notification template, choose the percentage and volume from which you want to be notified, and choose a telegram channel where you will be notified of the difference.
Another example between blockchains on DEX exchanges. A unique opportunity to engage in arbitrage between the major networks (Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB chain, Fantom, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis, Klaytn, Aurora), that is where all the money is now. Our clients are constantly catching high spreads as no one monitors these blockchains.
Our capabilities and products
Our IT solution allows us to monitor all kinds of exchanges and most blockchains are already connected. Every week our team adds more blockchains, dex and sec exchanges to track.
We have spent several years developing this solution, where we can already track over 30,000 coins and 1,000 exchanges in real time with a latency of 4 seconds.
You don't need to spend on research and support, on constant problems with exchanges and the ability to fast track, especially blockchain, everything is taken care of by our team.
And we provide tools not just for cryptocurrency arbitrage, but for the entire crypto market, with a multi-year development plan.
Why don't we sell an
automated bot between exchanges?
Instead of selling an automated bot for exchanges, why not focus on addressing the biggest problem in the crypto market – managing other people's money?
Our experience in exchange arbitrage since 2016 has shown us that the public bots have been prone to exit scams due to hacking or fraudulent activities. Therefore, our solution would be to provide secure and trustworthy management services for cryptocurrency investments.
Our preferred method is to work manually to prevent financial losses. Imagine if you were confronted with a $25 million issue; would you be able to handle it as competently as we did in our previous case? If not, you may face a lifetime in jail because a cunning fraudster outsmarted your bot.
In such a situation, would you prefer to work with your own funds or those of your investors? Without a strategy in place, you will be pursued by scammers.
This is why we do not run an automated bot or work with other people's money, and if there are problems with the exchange or anything else, there will be no questions for you.
Advantages of our bot
over the automatic one:
This we write so that you understand your risks, which is why our model is the best for starting out without working with other people's money.
Automated bot Our bot Franchise benefits
The risk of losing clients' money in case of problems with exchanges Yes No You won't bear the responsibility of managing other individuals' funds. Consider a scenario where you had an automated bot operating on the FTX exchange, and an unforeseen crash occurred. In such a situation, if your clients' funds were involved, they would hold you liable and expect full reimbursement for their capital since they entrusted their funds to you. Many projects that handled clients' funds have encountered significant difficulties and ultimately had to cease operations.
Loss of customer money in case of dex problems Yes No The aforementioned scenario highlights the potential risks associated with utilizing an automated bot to trade on behalf of clients. For instance, if a hacker were to exploit a vulnerability in your automated bot and steal a significant amount of money, your clients may hold you responsible and question your decision to use such a risky strategy for minimal profit gains. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider the potential consequences before implementing automated trading systems.
Risk of hacking through company employees to the website and loss of customers' money Yes No The mentioned situation underscores the potential risks linked to employing an automated bot for trading on clients' behalf. For example, if a hacker were to exploit a vulnerability in your automated bot and abscond with a substantial sum of money, your clients might hold you accountable and question the rationale behind employing such a high-risk strategy for relatively minimal profit gains. Consequently, it is vital to thoroughly assess the potential consequences prior to implementing automated trading systems.
If they find a vulnerability in the bot, they can catch it if they risk losing money Yes No Developing a program completely free of bugs is a challenging task, especially when your bot manages a substantial amount of funds. The presence of significant funds can attract the attention of hackers who may exploit vulnerabilities, allowing them to withdraw all the money, even through the top 10 pairs, while avoiding detection in other sections. Are you willing to put your customers' funds at risk and potentially jeopardize your entire livelihood in the event of an unfortunate incident?
Investing in project in SEED round( $50k),
purchase of token or turnkey arbitrage bot?
We often encounter a common inquiry: Why do we recommend franchising our arbitrage bot? Below, we provide compelling reasons to support our recommendation.
Investing in a project at an early stage (SEED round) WHITELABEL Arbitragescanner Franchise benefits
Initial investments from $50,000 from $10,000 With a low entry threshold to the market, when you purchase a White Label (WL), you gain access to a pre-built tool that can start generating income from the very first day of use.
Receiving the first money From 2 months to 3 years On the first day of the service on the domain Upon installing our White Label (WL) on your website, you can easily set up exchanges, configure notifications, and initiate arbitrage within just 30 seconds. This is a bonus feature.
Bonuses from the purchase The higher the percentage on token staking, the harder the token falls One year of the maximum VIP plan as a gift. By purchasing a franchise, you will receive one year of usage on your site with maximum limits, valued at $6,000 per year. This means that even before launching bot sales, you will already have the opportunity to cover the cost.
Impact on project results No Yes By investing in a project token, you relinquish complete responsibility to the project, unaware of how the funds will be utilized or how the project founder, with substantial resources, will conduct themselves. Data shows that 95% of projects fail, leaving initial investors unable to recover their investments. Why subject yourself to such risks? Opting for a franchise allows you to have a direct influence on the project, offering a simpler and more controlled approach.
Earnings opportunities every month Initially, you endure a lengthy waiting period for the project to launch, followed by an anxious anticipation, hoping that the token's value will increase as a result of its utility. Yes By enrolling in our franchise program and providing our bot to your clients, you will secure a consistent monthly income. The reason behind this is that you will be offering a functional tool that continuously improves over time. Your clients will also benefit from this opportunity as there are always spreads between exchanges, ensuring their earnings. They will pay you on a monthly basis to access this unique tool.
The likelihood of getting back the amount invested Currently, a significant majority (95%) of tokens are trading below the price of their SEED rounds, causing substantial losses for many large funds or even leading to fraudulent activities. Large Right from the first day, you can engage in arbitrage between exchanges and dexes on your own, even before initiating subscription sales in your regions.
Payback on the business There is no guarantee that the token will be sold successfully, experience value appreciation, or sustain its worth once all tokens are released. There is a possibility that the price may sharply decline, reaching its lowest point, without any assurances. 1 - 6 months You possess a readily available tool that generates income for users holding various altcoins. Additionally, you have access to something unique not currently available in the market: arbitrage bots between blockchains. These bots exploit the significant spreads that exist in untracked areas, offering lucrative opportunities for profit.
Whether the product will be in demand Investing in a P2E project carries a high risk as it heavily relies on player engagement for sales. Similarly, AAA games have a low success rate, and products without utility or demand may struggle to grow. If a product cannot be effectively promoted or fails to generate profits, its future prospects become uncertain. The expansion of a product does not guarantee sales, as niche markets often face challenges in gaining traction. Yes You have the option to test the product before making a purchase by acquiring access to the platform. This allows you to witness the substantial spreads firsthand, particularly during market fluctuations.
Yield each month Only around 3% of projects offer staking or platform income options. Yes Simply by selling tariffs to your audience and securing monthly subscriptions, you can generate revenue.
A ready-made tool to make money No Yes
Return on investment Gaining access to a promising product from the beginning is not guaranteed, as it is often limited to a select few. However, on average, investments in such products tend to yield a three-fold return after all tokens become available. A ready-made product with lifetime support
Market capacity and potential for scaling up To be frank, achieving a return of $1 million from a $50,000 investment is considered a highly favorable outcome and occurs in only 0.05% of cases. The market turnover in crypto alone is over $70trn and it is only growing. At present, there are more than 30,000 tokens, and this number is projected to exceed 400,000 by 2027. As a result, there will be spreads available on all of these tokens.
If there are problems In the event of project issues: ineffective marketing, team embezzlement, or hacking incidents, there is a risk of losing all your invested funds. Explore the depths of the inter-exchange arbitrage market, a well-established practice with a significant history of several years. Our project benefits from a dedicated team of experienced programmers who have been providing ongoing support since 2016.
Maximize Profits with Our Ready-Made White Label Solution
Unlock Profitable Opportunities with Our White Label Solution: Ready-Made Tools, Unlimited Arbitrage, and Secure Income Generation
Consider this scenario: Suppose you have 500 000$ earmarked for investment in 10 projects. By purchasing a franchise, you can diversify your investments and set up arbitrage between dexes and exchanges for the other 9 projects. Additionally, you can leverage your network by selling the product to friends, colleagues, or individuals in your local area, resulting in a more lucrative outcome.
Rather than locking your money away for two years without any control over the associated risks, purchasing the finished product offers a more advantageous alternative. With this option, you gain comprehensive support, training, and assistance from our dedicated team.
Launch your Cryptoscanner turnkey
solution with ready-made earning tools.
Do you still have questions? Contact our managers, and we will assist you in launching a profitable business tailored to your region or target audience in less than a week.
Advantages of a turnkey business
A turnkey crypto scanner is a great option for a quick start-up with your product in the crypto market, with full technical support for personal use and sale in different regions. Saving money and time are just minimal benefits.
Initial investment in development
> 400 000$
The cost of developing your own platform
from 10 000$
Cost of a turnkey cryptoscanner
Development from scratch and product launch with all tests and debugging (assuming that the team is assembled and will write the product from 1 time)
20 weeks
On your own
1 weeks
Turnkey installation and setup
Monthly costs for developers to maintain the project
>20 000$ per month
Own team
ArbitrageScanner team support without much change $0 per month*
*Additional modifications for a fee
Savings from start-up to self-sufficiency of 20 000$ perв month
Monthly costs for servers, connections to CEX and other DEX exchanges and blockchain, scanner operations
>20 000$ per month
Own team
First year $0, after that $180 per month* All costs are covered by us
Costs of packaging the project and testing hypotheses to attract clients
from 100 000$
On your own
Through the ArbitrageScanner team, turnkey $0. We will tell and show you everything for our franchisees free of charge
time and money for tests, approximately 2 months to test inefficient channels and save a minimum of $100k
Costs when scaling up to run more than 50,000 different coins simultaneously (launching bots)
50 000$ per month
On your own
10% of the cost
We provide comprehensive training materials for beginners in crypto arbitrage, including turnkey production of materials. Our training covers over 100 cases, presenting and describing various bot systems from sources such as Telegram (TG) and other platforms. Additionally, we offer training services to educate your team in the field of arbitrage.
>30 000$ in 3 months
On your own
Through the ArbitrageScanner franchise - free of charge.
And 3 months of manufacturing in total.
Avoid potential hazards and financial losses by taking right choice
Creating a project from the ground up, including servers, exchanges, dex, and blockchain support, will require a minimum of six months if a team is formed. Additionally, the same amount of time is needed for revisions and gathering arbitrage cases. It is also necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of this industry's intricacies. As demonstrated by the automated bot example, significant sums of money can be lost.
Why would you waste time and money on development?
Consider purchasing a turnkey solution that allows you to track exchanges and start earning profits within a week. With significant spreads between blockchains, taking advantage of this opportunity can benefit both you and your community.
The answer to the most popular question
If I don't know what arbitrage between exchanges is, can I run an effective business and sell subscriptions?
If you're unfamiliar with arbitrage between exchanges, do not worry we have educational videos and more than 100 cases that will be available to you after buying a franchise, you will be able to understand everything yourself and educate your clients.
We are speaking
in your languages
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Our team

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AE Head of Sales department
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If the business is profitable and the service is working,
why are you selling White Label?
Still have questions? Contact our managers, and we will help you launch a profitable business under your region or for your audience in less than a week.
In today's world, there are already over 1,000 exchanges, and in three years, there will be over 10 000. There are currently over 50 blockchains, and there will be over 700 in three years. There are currently over 30 000 coins, and there will be over 700 000 in three years. And all of them will have spreads. No matter how capable a team is, it will be impossible to cover the entire market, even by 0.01%. Even if you have 300 assets out of 700 000 in your portfolio, it is still a small fraction, and there will be spreads on multiple different blockchains.
Moreover, there are numerous local markets where it is difficult for us to enter, and we are looking for partners in those regions. This is our way of scaling the business – finding partners to whom we can provide all the tools for business development, while our interest lies in receiving 10% of sales or providing the technical infrastructure for the service to operate.
We won't be limited to just the arbitrage scanner. When you buy White Label, you get access to a large ecosystem.
The market is very large. CITY BANK, Pantera, and Coinbase estimate there will be more than 2 billion crypto holders by 2030. In all regions, crypto investors will want their assets to work and will use them for arbitrage.
CITY BANK is against crypto, but shows in its report that there will be 2-4 billion crypto users by 2030
CryptoScanner Whitelabel.
Who will the franchise suit?
If you have your own audience, you can purchase a ready-made turnkey business with all the technical aspects, sell the product, and receive 90% of the sales while using the remaining 10% to cover technical maintenance costs. You don't need to spend a lot of time on development. With your own audience, you can conduct live streams and sell products, earning $30,000 from just one video with a couple of thousand views, and receive $27,000 while we take care of server setup. Additionally, this provides a passive income from service renewals.
Who wants a quick start in the cryptosphere
Why buy unknown tokens and wait for them to grow? You don't have control over the process, and you're shifting all the risks onto someone else. That's not a business. The best start is to purchase a ready-made turnkey business, receive free training in the field, save hundreds of thousands of dollars on development and more than six months of time, and generate passive income through monthly subscriptions.
A ready-made turnkey business with all the technical documentation and customization to your needs is what we offer. You already know how to arbitrage; you just need the right tool to work with. Maintaining an in-house team of programmers would cost you a minimum of $20,000 per month, and supporting the entire ecosystem would require at least $50,000. Our White Label solution provides the best tool where all the technical aspects are taken care of, allowing you to focus on the most interesting part: finding opportunities, connecting the bot, and earning profits. Additionally, having a dedicated domain facilitates teamwork with different access levels and work demarcations.
It is indeed easier to invest in a ready-to-use working tool and develop it, rather than investing in unknown projects without clear utility. You won't have to wait 2-3 years for the project to enter the market. Within a week, we can deploy the project on your domain, and you'll be able to use it yourself and sell subscriptions on the market. Income-generating services are an ideal tool without risks, since you're not handling other people's money. Your task will simply be to sell the product and use it yourself.
The main feature of White Label -
Setting up a project completely according to your needs. We can add any tools and any exchanges, blockchains and DEX turnkey for you, and we will take care of all the technical part and maintenance.
How much does it cost to open a turnkey business
through ArbitrageScanner?
Initial investments
$19999 + $200 per month renewal after 1 year
$29999 + $200 per month renewal after 1 year
69 999$
Ready-made business
199 999$
Copy of the website of the internal administrative panel at the time of sale (everything related to cryptocurrency arbitrage)
Access to the maximum tariff and its limits
0% service fee, you only buy service limits
Turnkey deployment of the project on your domain with readiness to work
Adding small updates (dex,cex)
Adding more exchanges, DEXs or blockchains to track that you need
Placement in the Partners section of the main project site
Cryptocurrency arbitrage training materials for your users
VIP manager and round-the-clock assistance of our team with the project, including calls at the buzzer
Passive income every month from the sale of subscriptions
All updates with arbitrage between exchanges and blockchains included
Personal revision of the service for the client
Instructions for creating an arbitrage team to make money not only from selling bots
Providing training materials for your staff in all areas: marketing, management, arbitration, sales training, etc.
*After the first year, the download of updates will be paid (new products)
Full branding with a branding page
The source code of the site with technical documentation
Creating all the infrastructure in different social networks with all the technical instructions
All project sources, except for bots, are stored on your server
More hours are available during the year to support the service
Help with launching and maintaining the project
Project cases for promotion and advertising
We give a team of marketers for the right region
Creating a turnkey arbitration team: recruitment, training, supervision of the first month
A complete copy of the current turnkey project
We give the source code of the site with technical documentation and the source code of all bots with technical documentation
$19999 + $200 per month renewal after 1 year
$29999 + $200 per month renewal after 1 year
69 999$
Ready-made business
199 999$
Important Information!
Every month we increase the price of our WHITE LABEL as we add new exchanges, DEXs and blockchains. We have the development prescribed for 3 years in advance, and we will add all new bots to different rates, and the more bots, the more expensive tariff will be.
0% service charge, you only buy service limits. What does this mean?
In the first year, we give everyone who buys a franchise access to the maximum rate, which costs $7,200 per year. You can allocate these limits to your audience yourself and sell at any price or use your team on your platform.
After one year, the franchise fee will start at $180 per month, which covers the purchase of "Limits" for each month of tracking. We incur significant expenses for our team, proxies, and servers. If you have 1000 paying users, you can purchase our capacity in bulk and resell it to your audience, and we will handle all server support. This is our approach to scaling a business globally.
You won't have to pay any additional costs for maintenance; you'll only be charged for the usage of our capacity if it is fully utilized.
For example, in the first year, you receive standard limits included in the "EXPERT" tariff. Let's say you sell 100 "EXPERT" tariffs per month to your audience. In this tariff, there are 30 coins available for one-time tracking. Instead of purchasing 3000 tracking limits for various coins from us, you only pay for the resources you actually use. For instance, if 100 users connect 1000 coins for the entire month, you only need to purchase limits for those specific coins. The cost of these limits for you will be no more than 10 percent of the tariff price.
With our option, you can save at least $3,000 per month.
We understand that issues often arise with exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and the good news is that you won't need to have a programmer on your team to handle the monitoring. Our dedicated team will take care of all the necessary tasks and ensure smooth operations for you.
What is the main difference between WHITELABEL and the START tariff?
If you purchase the "START" tariff, you get a "turnkey business". In less than a week from the moment of payment, a project, a full copy of our website, will be deployed on your domain. You will be able to use and sell everything related to arbitrage between exchanges and blockchain. You will be able to add the necessary exchanges, which are not even in our system.
In the "WHITE LABEL" tariff you get a bonus of free updates of current products that you bought during the year, and access to adding new products and updates, not related to the arbitrage bot during the year for free. The products are very expensive to develop. As part of this rate, we will add them and you can use them yourself and sell them to your audience at any price, but not below the market.
“If I don't understand anything about arbitrage, but I've heard it's a promising niche, especially arbitrage with small coins and between blockchains, can I arbitrage and sell effectively?”
“Can I work with my coins or specific exchanges that I want to connect?”
Still have questions?
Email us on support in telegram or leave a request, our experts will contact you and answer all your questions
Proof of the instrument's profitability...
Now the biggest spreads between different blockchains. Spreads are formed all the time, but between DEX exchanges they are just huge, below are examples of bloggers who show how they earn on our bot:
Opinion of reputable media about ArbitrageScanner
and the opportunity to earn on it
"We’ve analyzed the market and we can say that this is the best ArbitrageScanner today: Reasonable price, supports a large number of CEX, DEX exchanges and blockchains, simple intuitive operation, no API required, there are really working cases for arbitrage, useful yield calculator on website, training for beginners, generous referral program, it’s possible to buy franchise business, it’s possible to get your own VIP manager, positive feedback from clients. We definitely recommend trying this bot yourself"
"Het belangrijkste voordeel van ArbitrageScanner is dat het spreads laat zien tussen dex- en blockchain-uitwisselingen. Er zijn nog geen analogen van dergelijke bots op de markt, dus deze scanner verdient de eerste plaats in onze beoordeling. Het grote voordeel is dat ArbitrageScanner een handmatige bot is en werkt zonder uw API te vragen, zodat ze uw saldo niet kunnen zien en niet weten welke munten u vasthoudt en ze op geen enkele manier kunnen opnemen. Het verschil volgen tussen 50 CEX- en 25 DEX-uitwisselingen in 40 blockchains. Zelfconfigurerende bot, waardoor je meldingen kunt ontvangen op de momenten die jij wilt op de exchanges die jij kiest. Gemak, eenvoud en veelzijdigheid is ArbitrageScanner. Daarom kunnen we deze scanner aanbevelen voor gebruik"
"Sui risultati della nostra analisi, possiamo confermare che il bot è affidabile e funzionante e puoi guadagnare su di esso, lo consideriamo il miglior scanner del mondo, noi stessi lo usiamo e raccomandiamo tutti. Come abbiamo visto, l’arbitraggio su criptovalute può offrire un mezzo efficace per trarre profitto dalle discrepanze di prezzo esistenti tra i vari exchange. Con il supporto di piattaforme come ArbitrageScanner.io, i trader possono monitorare costantemente queste differenze di prezzo e sfruttarle a loro vantaggio. Tuttavia, è fondamentale ricordare che, nonostante i vantaggi, l’arbitraggio comporta anche dei rischi."
Stop investing in obscure tokens with no clear utility
and start your cryptocurrency business with a unique product in the market.

You'll be able to independently start earning from the tokens in your portfolio by simply arbitraging them and selling the ready-made turnkey product in your region and language. Meanwhile, we will handle all the technical support for you.